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The Art & Patronage Report
Designed to analyse the conclusions of the Summit with specifically commissioned research and analysis on the cultural health of the region, the report is currently on hold for publication. Please refer to our Resources section for discussions related to the Summit.

"It is with great regret that I write to tell you that the book of critical essays about Art & Patronage is cancelled.

The A&P Initiative is to develop greater understanding between those working at the forefront of change in our society through the arts, from artists to grassroots organisations to private individuals, and to re-imagine possibilities for working together to achieve a shared vision.  I intended the publication to expand on key points raised in January's Art & Patronage Summit: The Middle East, and this publication would have existed alongside other initiatives such as the  Projects Mart which raised over $77,000 for The Townhouse, Sada and Ashkal Alwan.

There are two main reasons for calling a halt of the publication.  There have been several complications in the Projects Mart's delivery of pledges to recipients, including funds that were effectively 'frozen' because of new banking regulations following the Egyptian revolution.  Although this was out of our control as organisers (since A&P did not receive any funds directly), it has created an unhealthy tension between the organisers and/or the receiving institutions.  This issue will be completely sorted soon by the Townhouse, and each organisation will receive their rightful cut; however, I believe that the timing isn't right to follow with the book.  After all, A&P set out to explore the antagonism between the arts and patronage, not to create more.  In this climate and under these circumstances, I am not willing to take a financial risk if the publication cannot achieve what I intended.  This book would have never broken even with sales so I was prepared for TransGlobe to subsidize it, but I cannot wholeheartedly justify it, if it is welcomed with suspicion or doubt.  I have already invested a lot of time and resources into the A&P initiative.

We send our apologies and welcome ideas to follow this line of thinking about patronage.

Best wishes,

Hossein Amirsadeghi

Publisher, Transglobe Publishing Ltd"


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