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The Project Mart was a concept calculated to lend continuity to the A&P Summit's patronage programming by bringing funding to worthy projects. The initial phase involved selection of three target art-related programmes or institutions with pending or ongoing projects which are already up and running, studies and programming modules in place but lacking funds, or requiring additional or top-up funding.

Part of the Summit's aim was to establish an ideas marketplace, a clearing-house of excellent projects seeking inspiring patronage to grow or expand. In the first year applications were considered only from institutions that had been in operation for three years or longer and reviewed by nomination only. Projects must fall within the Summit’s main areas of focus, reflecting the potential of patrons to affect real change:

Institution building: Patron support carries the promise of maintaining institutional independence and ongoing vitality of programming. While foundations tend to support particular programs, patronage further allows institutions important operating funds, leverage for growth and expansion. Funding in this category includes support for expansion of facilities, establishment of new initiatives within existing organizations, software and hardware, and measures to develop institutional growth and help secure the long-term health of the organization, such as income-generating projects or strategic staffing.

Collections and collecting: Patrons are often collectors, yet art collections are generally not readily accessible to the wider public throughout the region. Project Mart Fund seeks to support projects that examine, exhibit or incorporate works from/about collections as well as research based exhibitions that target loans and collections with the aim to make important artworks and their significant cultural references available to the wider public. Eligible projects include exhibitions, publications and any other relevant initiatives that facilitate public access to art collections.

Education: Project Mart Fund aims to support visual arts education as well as related areas to enhance public engagement and study of art and art history. These might include support for a reference library, workshop/s, study of collections, publications, artist tools, educational material and support including both software and hardware, trainee and curatorial programming, or art education outreach.

For the inaugural year, projects were selected by a special Summit-appointed advisory committee, following careful independent scrutiny and vetting. These three existing programmes were presented to the Summit’s patron pool for individual or group support, with an initial bursary of $30,000 sponsored by the A&P Summit Project Mart Fund. Other participating or interested patrons were thus encouraged to invest their money or resources into these pre-selected projects as both mentors and patrons.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria included:

• Quality of past work, originality and filling a void

• Ability to further the development of art infrastructure in the region

• Likelihood and preparedness for receiving funding, including a thorough budget; sufficient staffing coverage, where appropriate; realistic goals and targets; and early steps toward gaining specific funding

• Meeting one of the Summit’s main areas of focus: institution building, collections and collecting, and education.

• Diversity within the pool of programs, in terms of artistic medium and regional focus

• Appropriateness to Project Mart Fund’s resources, ensuring that only programs that will be well served by funding are adopted

• During first pilot year, institutions must be in operation for three years or more to be eligible for funding.

• The A&P Summit will not be responsible for project’s execution or fiduciary compliance outside the norms of executive or curatorial oversight.

By nomination only

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