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“One of the best organised and most interesting conferences/encounters I have experienced in many a long year...I learned so much and was deeply impressed not only by the very high level of speakers and panellists but also by the passion which clearly inspired so many contributors.”
Jasper Parrott, Chairman of Joint Managing Director of Harrison Parrott

“Many, many congratulations on such an absorbing and successful conference last week. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it, and I have lost count of the number of people I have run across in the days since who have said what an important, intriguing, engaging event it was.”
Stephen Deuchar, Director of The Art Fund

“The Arts and Patronage Middle East Summit was an extraordinary opportunity for me to learn, to meet others and to engage in new ideas and new strategies to support artistic programs in the region.”
Lisa Erf, Director of the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection

“I just wanted to say a warm congratulations from all of us at Art Dubai on the success of the Summit. It was a thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable couple of days in London.”
Antonia Carver, Director of Art Dubai

“You should feel unbelievably proud of what you have achieved, and given that the summit will clearly impact cultural thought and discussion in the Middle East for years to come, this is no mean feat!”
Oliver Barker, Deputy Chairman at Sotheby’s

“Truly an amazing and most memorable few days in London..The summit was beyond my expectations. I return to NY a richer person.”
Leila Heller, Founder of Leila Heller Gallery

“The summit was beyond superb in having succeeded in gathering such a crowd from the entire region/world; a true testament of the passion that we all share for both the arts and our region.”
Fatenn Mostafa, Founder of ArtTalksEgypt

“If this very conference has as a consequence the formation of a birthplace for institution building and even a new type of art and patronage, so let it be!”
Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Modern

“No one has ever brought together in one room virtually everyone who matters in the world of Middle Eastern art. The buzz was terrific and people I talked to were massively excited and impressed. There was real energy there and I know this is going to make a difference … it was really a wonderful gathering and a meeting of minds.”
Venetia Porter, Curator at the British Museum

“Such an extraordinary, intelligent and powerful event. From start to finish it went on seamlessly: Everything was thought through and the buzz it created almost palpable.”
Hayat Palumbo, Art Patron

“The attendance, speakers, conversations and even controversy were all stimulating and left us with lots to think over in the coming months.”
Hanan Sayed Worrell, Abu Dhabi Representative for the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation

“We trust that the last two days have sparked a much needed revival and challenging of some stale notions and allowed us to reflect on both our strengths and the challenges that lie ahead. Most importantly, we believe that there is still so much more work that needs to be done on the ground and as usual you can always count on our support to make it happen.”
Sam Bardaouil and Till Felrath, Founders of Art Reoriented

“It’s not often that a symposium raises such concerns with real urgency. I think it has given us all pause for thought and I know what has been raised will be mulled over for a long time to come. Maybe it will even lead to some lasting changes, let's hope so.”
Jessica Morgan, Curator at Tate Modern

“I have loved every minute of the Summit. I come out of it enriched and with added knowledge, which was exactly what I was hoping for and more; learning about practices, projects, meeting incredible people and further my knowledge of what is happening in the Middle East.  I was happy to engage in wonderful conversations with various curators and artists. So thank you again for creating these possibilities and dialogues.”
Paola Weiss, Founder of Bischoff/Weiss Gallery

“What an inspiring, enlightening and impressive Summit…a huge step forward for the understanding of art and culture in the Middle East and beyond. I will approach my Middle Eastern entertainment and cultural projects full of new inspiration and ideas.”
Carolyn Dailey, CEO Dailey Communications, previously head of Time Warner International, Europe