christa meindersma

Christa Meindersma is Director of the Prince Claus Fund. She is an international lawyer with extensive experience in international collaboration and diplomacy. Christa worked as negotiator and senior political advisor at the United Nations and as deputy coordinator of the Sudan Taskforce at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Christa has been involved in peace talks and policy advice in East Timor, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kosovo, Nepal and The Sudan. Christa is a board member of the School of Performing Arts/Prince Claus Conservatorium, director of the Sahel Opera Foundation and member of the Committee on Peace and Security of the Advisory Council on International Affairs. Her work in countries that have experienced conflict and where basic freedoms are curtailed has provided valuable experience on the importance of culture in coming to terms with war and violence, post-conflict reconciliation and the rebuilding of communities.


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